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About Us

BertoTools Limited is in the business of Education and the provision of Online Databases. We commenced our operations primarily in the educational sector where there was an immediate need for resources to assist teachers in the delivery of their subject curriculum. Our parent website and main services remain focused on education and assisting teachers in their planning and delivery of the national curriculum. We also provide Private Tuition on an ongoing basis from Primary school level up to young adults doing A Levels, Diplomas and Degrees. Depending on what you or your loved one is studying we tailor make educational plans to optimise student success. Here are our main subject areas:
  • Maths
  • ICT
  • Sciences
  • English
  • Basic Skills
  • Business Studies
  • Leisure and Tourism
Below we describe some of the features and resources of which remains freely available to teachers once you register. Take a look:
  1. Our newest addition just for teachers is our Online Lesson Planner designed to take away the paper trail of lesson plans and huge planners which clutter our space year after year. Why not join in and simply create your lesson plan with Starter, Main, Plenary and Homework all covered in one simply layout, attached to your class code and stored online against the date and period you are expected to teach that lesson. Join in, it's FREE!
  2. Members get to load their own learning objects and make them available across the web. This is great for teachers who prepare learning objects at home and need to access them while at school! You also get feedback from colleagues on just how good your worksheet is!
  3. Members of also access a wide range of learning objects across a number of subjects provided by other members. In some instances learning object will have additional resources such as power point presentations to aid teaching.
  4. Similarly, members will be able to access solutions to worksheet where applicable. In many instances, solutions will not be applicable e.g. research type learning objects where information rapidly changes. However, for many learning objects, solutions will be available to members in the form of a link similar to that described in (1) above.
  5. The layout of your dashboard automatically improves with the addition of directory style listings of learning objects based on Qualifications, Subjects, Worksheet Types and Topics. This vastly increases efficiency in finding a worksheet to suit your needs, especially when time is against you with e.g. students lining up outside your door!
  6. More efficiency is gained by the use of "My Learning objects" which allows members to save short cuts to learning objects and sort them in different ways from the Dashboard including by worksheet type or topic!
  7. members each have the opportunity to rate individual learning objects and this in turn allows all members to benefit from the experience of others when choosing a worksheet to use in their lesson.
  8. If you teach ICT or involved in any way with your school's ICT curriculum, you may want to register to view the DiDA Assessment Manager database and express your interest in it! Definitely a winner for organising and managing your DiDA cohort in terms of assessments and submissions!
FREE Web Tools

DiDA Software Available!
We have also broadened our scope to include divisions which provide information and resources for the following:
Travel and Tourism
A number of websites providing travel related information including:
Regional Directories
Our most recent thrust involves establishing regional directories for quick and accurate information on local services and organisations in London and the South East. These local directories include: As we specialise in online databases and web design we have recently opened our doors to assist small businesses and other organisations in the creation and maintenance of their own websites. Email us for more information.....

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